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This contains information to help you get checked-in and ready to live at Windsor Manor this semester. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions. We look forward to having you here!

Manager Office Hours

Spring Hours:

Monday – Friday: 12:00p.m. – 5:00p.m.
(Appointments available)

On-Site Manager
Michelle Neser
Leasing Specialist
Tiffany Stanger
Office Email
Office Phone / Text
(208) 356-6789


Windsor Manor management communicates with you primarily through your Resident Portal login email and cell phone texts.

Please read all communication – you are responsible for what the messages contain.

Move-In Damages Sheet

If you haven’t already, please make a thorough inspection of your apartment and report any damage found on the Inspection Report through your Resident Portal here. This inspection will prevent you from being held accountable for prior damages and must be completed within 48 hours of checking in.

Any damages not listed, could be charged to you and/or your roommates. This form is for damages only. Regular maintenance or cleaning is not included on this form.

Student Living Meeting

April 24th in the Activity Room (first floor men’s building). Come as an apartment, receive your one free clean check for the semester, and find out everything you need to know about the Spring semester here at Windsor Manor. Immediately following – nachos for those in attendance.

Your Apartment

This is your home and is starting in good condition. So your apartment remains in good repair and a beautiful place to live, please keep it clean. Treat yourself and your roommates with respect by working together and have a great semester.

Through the semester, please process maintenance requests for any damage or maintenance issues as they occur. We will fix them for you (this includes light bulbs and remote batteries). Maintenance requests are submitted here through your Resident Portal. Submit details – we will send staff within 24-business hours. Watch for their maintenance card and/or a response email through the Resident Portal informing you of what has been done to remedy the problem.

In the event of a public health crisis, all non-emergency staff visits to the apartments will be limited.

Windsor Manor offers 24 hour EMERGENCY maintenance requests. Tenants are to call 208-356-6789 in the event of an emergency and if no one answers, text “URGENT” to the same phone number and call again. Emergency maintenance is defined as “anything that is damaging the complex or another tenant”.

If there is a life threatening emergency, call 911 first and then call the on site manager and/or send someone to apt 1-204 to get the manager.

Please don’t expect your roommates to pay for your damages. At check out, if there is unreported damage found by staff in a common area of the apartment, repair costs must be charged to everyone in the apartment, regardless of the responsible party. We appreciate tenants who take ownership for damage in common areas.

Under NO circumstances is a member of the opposite sex to be spending the night in your apartment OR in the bedrooms of an opposite gender apartment ever. This is grounds for immediate eviction as well as other Honor Code issues. If you have a need, please contact management for assistance.

Fire and Safety

Installed in your apartment is an overhead sprinkler system. Decorations should never be attached to the ceiling or near window coverings. Any tenant who tampers with or hangs items on these sprinkler heads and causes it/them to deploy will be responsible for all damages.

All burning embers, such as incense, lit candles, and open flames are prohibited.

If a fire extinguisher is used inappropriately and/or without putting out an actual fire, there will be an additional charge of $50 to recharge the fire extinguisher to all the  apartment tenants. If the responsible tenant takes responsibility for the expense, the recharge of the extinguisher will be accounted for accordingly.

Windsor Manor will not be held liable for tenant initiated accidents on the property.

Amenities are used by tenants at their own risk.


The network is “Windsor Manor” and “WelcomeHome!” is the password. Each apartment has its own internet router. No additional internet routers or devices are to be used enabling “bridging” or otherwise manipulating the internet system.

If you have difficulties with the internet, please call Optix and they will help you (208) 242-3711. If it is not resolved to your satisfaction, please let management know.


Trash will be picked up on Mondays & Thursdays starting Thursday, April 29th at 5:30pm.

For your apartment’s trash to be picked up, it must be bagged and tied, sitting just inside the apartment by the door. DO NOT PUT it in the outside hallway, it will not be picked up. All boxes to be taken need to be broken down.

Mailing Address


125 East 2nd South Apt 1-[your apt #]
Rexburg, Idaho 83440


125 East 2nd South Apt 2-[your apt #]
Rexburg, Idaho 83440

Mail can be retrieved at the mailboxes by the office behind the soda machine. The apartment mail key is in your apartment by the front door. If USPS delivers a package too large to go into your mailbox we will text you.

Any packages delivered by UPS, FedEx, and DHL should be delivered directly to your apartment by the carrier. Windsor Manor is not financially responsible for any package or parcel delivered to a common area, corridor, or the mailroom.

So your package can find you, all deliveries (food, mail, and packages) must include your name AND apartment number.


Each tenant receives, and signs for, one apartment door key. Test it in your door when you check in to assure it works. It needs to be returned at the end of the semester.

There is a $15 charge for any lost keys or keys turned in that don’t work in your assigned apartment front door. Please do not lend your key. Copying Windsor Manor keys is prohibited.


If you have reserved a personal parking space, please make sure you put your parking sticker in either your front or rear window so it can be seen (not in a tinted area). If you have tandem parking, and a roommate has similar parking, let us know and we will work to get you together to help tandem parking work for you both.


At no time are bikes or other wheeled transportation (i.e. scooters) allowed in any apartment. Wheeled transportation (bikes, scooters, etc.) should be stored in the bike rooms and must have a current permit in view. Please see management if you need a permit, free to all tenants.

Anything parked in the bike room without a permit will be removed and disposed of.


All utilities are included in the rent. We expect you to be aware of what is happening in your apartment. Please set temperatures to reasonable levels (68-72° Fahrenheit) and make sure to keep outside windows and doors closed when Heating/AC units are being used.

If utilities are being used beyond average regular usage (800 kWh per month), you and your roommates may be charged for excessive power. If power usage has increased, management will notify your apartment if you are getting close to your usage cap.


Please use only High Efficiency (HE) laundry detergent. The washers are low-flow water users and HE laundry soap will give you the best results. The laundry is for tenants of your apartment only. Please do not allow visitors to use them.

If you and your roommates would like a dryer rack for the inside of your dryer, please let us know. We are happy to check one out (per apartment) and we will even bring it to you. Work with your roommates to establish a laundry schedule.

Clean Checks 

Clean checks will be performed every week from April 30th through July 11th as follows: 

Women’s building will be checked each Tuesday starting at 2:15 p.m. with rechecks on Wednesday starting at 2:15 p.m.  

Men’s building will be checked each Wednesday starting at 2:15 p.m. with rechecks starting at 2:15 p.m. on Thursday.   

This 14 week semester, you could have as few as 4 clean checks. Here is how: 

  • Clean checks are not held the first week of the semester because you have enough to do. (14-1=13) 
  • Clean checks are not held the last two weeks of the semester because we all have enough to do and finals week is stressful. (13-2=11) 
  • Clean checks will not be held the week of July 4th. (11-1=10) 
  • All tenants who attend the Student Living Meeting on April 24th in the Activity room will receive one free clean check to use in case of emergency through the semester.  (10-1=9) 
  • This freebie can be used for illness or any other tenant determined emergency. Staff will not check or clean your space when you turn in your free clean check card prior to clean checks the week you want to redeem your freebie. 
  • When your entire apartment passes two consecutive clean checks, with NO recheck, your entire apartment will get the next week free. That means this semester you could have as few as four clean checks the entire semester if you and your roommates work together.  

How it works:   

Clean check sheets can be found on your refrigerator and must be marked with a dry erase marker with the name of who is taking responsibility for each area – if this is not done, the entire apartment will be held accountable for all jobs.  

The Clean Checker comes to your apartment on clean check day (see above). If when they arrive everything is done, everyone has passed their clean check. If there is anything not done then there will be a bright orange sheet of paper on the kitchen counter with the jobs that need attention circled. Residents have a chance to fix what is in danger of failing and the Clean Checker will be back to do a recheck ($4) the next day. If everything is fixed when they return, $4 is all the responsible resident(s) owe. If the Clean Checker returns and the jobs are not clean, then they will do the job and charge the responsible resident another $9 for a total of $13 and the resident has officially failed their clean check. 

You do not have to be present for clean checks, just make sure your responsibilities are taken care of. 

The stove, sink and other appliances will scratch. Please do not use abrasive cleaners such as Comet or abrasive sponges. Soft Scrub is okay and works really well.  

  • Toilet–Q-tips, cleansing/baby wipes, tissues, paper towels, feminine supplies, etc. should not be flushed down the toilet ever.  You will be financially responsible for all costs resulting from a clogged toilet and possible overflow due to improper materials being flushed. 
  • Kitchen and bathroom sinks–Oil/grease or any other non-water soluble materials should NEVER go down any sink (oil, grease, paint, food pieces, etc.). You will be financially responsible for all costs resulting from any damage or cleaning due to a clogged sink/shower/tub and any overflow due to improperly disposed material. 

Pet Policy

To protect our allergic tenants and in accordance with the BYUI contract here at Windsor Manor, we adhere to a strict no pet policy. You and your guests are not to have any animals (including fish) inside the complex, this includes hallways and common areas.

Residents are subject to all apartment, carpet, and furniture cleaning fees as well as eviction if this policy is not followed. Not adhering to this policy qualifies as a breach of contract.

Common Areas

The common areas are an extension of your apartment. We expect you to keep them clean and in good condition. Please do not move any of the furniture around or from the common areas. If you notice something requiring attention, please let us know.  

Study, Music, Conference Rooms are on a first-come, first-served basis (except for the 1st Floor Conference Room in the Men’s building), as long as they are not being monopolized by any individual or group.  

Reservations for the Theater Room, Activities Room, 1st floor Conference Room, and Hogsmeade can be made by Windsor Manor tenants through the Resident Portal.  

Enjoy all of your amenities here at Windsor Manor. The amenities (theater, exercise room, activities room, conference rooms, and study rooms) are here for you to enjoy and utilize. Please help keep them clean and neat for those who come after you. We hope you have a great experience and get a chance to use all the areas provided.

Our aim is for you to feel at home at Windsor Manor. We encourage you to tell us how we can help you be more comfortable. We are excited you are with us and hope you enjoy discovering the secrets of Windsor, of which there are many! One hint, take a look in our common area cupboards.   

Welcome Home!

The Entire Windsor Manor Staff