COVID-19 Updates

To protect our tenants and guests, face masks are required in all interior common areas of Windsor Manor. If you do not have a mask upon arrival at Windsor, please text 208-356-6789.

Covid-19 has proven to be a rare challenge to the entire world and Windsor Manor has taken many steps to protect our tenants. Take a look to know what we are doing to keep Windsor both beautiful and sanitary:

Per CDC guidelines, Windsor has increased their cleaning time so staff may sanitize both buildings daily including the apartment exterior door knobs and all flat surfaces in the common areas.

For Spring- we placed all tenants who arrived from out of town into their own empty apartment for ten to fourteen days and if they were symptom free after that, they moved in with their roommates. Thankfully, we have not had any tenant that has tested positive for Covid-19.

Last Spring we gave a large canister of Lysol wipes to each apartment with instructions how to sanitize knobs, faucets, remote controls etc. to decrease risk of infection.

Everyone going through the interior common areas of Windsor Manor, is asked to wear a mask. We have both disposable and washable masks available if a visitor doesn’t bring their own.

We purchased extra toilet paper back in February for our tenants in case they run out. We encourage everyone to use common sense hygiene practices. Hand sanitizer is provided in our high traffic common areas of each building.

We have offered grocery pickup if someone gets sick so that they stay in their apartment. During the initial lockdown, we started a non-profit food delivery business that offered delivery of a different lunch to their door from local restaurants, six days a week. Now, local businesses have adapted and groceries and many restaurants deliver to your door.

Our staff wear masks when they enter any occupied apartment and they always wear gloves.

To protect our staff and tenants, we have modified our weekly tenant cleaning check to include only the living room and kitchen areas. Tenants are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing their bedrooms and bathrooms on a regular basis without being checked.

We have barriers in the office entrance to maintain at least a 6 foot distance between staff and tenants. We have encouraged more emails and texts versus physical visits and we have limited office hours (Monday through Friday 2 to 4 p.m.) so there is less chance of infection spread. If a tenant receives a package delivery by USPS, instead of coming to the office to pick it up, staff sends the tenant a text with pick up instructions to minimize face to face contact.

We limited gym use to only 3 tenants at a time and yoga and Zumba classes are cancelled in our Activity Room.

Windsor Manor staff are required to take extra precautions if they choose to leave Idaho for any reason.

We conducted a social "meet your neighbor" program for those who wish to participate-- providing any tenants who opted in with another tenant's phone information so they can get to know a neighbor without leaving their apartment.

We did a door decorating contest for the tenants with instructions to only use items from their apartment and gave pizza to the winners.

We provided each tenant with a symptom chart and a flow chart they can follow to know when to seek medical help. These were provided by the Eastern Idaho public health office.

We sanitized every apartment during the Spring and Summer breaks and had existing tenants stay in their bedrooms to avoid contact.

All our carpets are treated with a three month germicide solution that destroys viruses on contact.

Spring and Summer tenants received a free private room/bathroom upgrade which increased social distancing and provided privacy for online classes. Private bathrooms are one of the best ways to prevent infection spread. Due to the amount of BYUI students who need housing, we are unable to provide private bedrooms to our Fall tenants.

All Winter tenants received Spring Break for free to encourage staying in Rexburg during the break in another effort to minimize new germs coming to Rexburg and infecting roommates.

Because Covid-19 is all over the world, we cannot remove all risk for infection, but we have done everything we can to mitigate the risk for our tenants. We continue to provide each tenant with a clean, beautiful apartment with wi-fi and their own private bedroom and bathroom for Spring and Summer.

We are full this Fall Semester and are doing all we can to encourage social distancing and mask wearing including giving thank you cards to tenants when they are caught wearing a mask in our common areas. Thank you cards are then exchanged for rent credit, Crumbl Cookies, and Dominos Pizza. We are sanitizing public areas twice a day and, together with the other BYUI approved complexes, we have temporarily closed our group amenities, to help lower the chances of tenants and guests contracting or spreading COVID-19.

We also installed 10 MERV pleated microparticle air filters shown to filter pollen and viruses from the air in all apartments on the property.

We expect tenants to use good judgment and protect themselves and their roommates with appropriate distancing and frequent hand washing especially the first two weeks after arrival. We encourage our tenants to use the provided symptom chart and seek medical care if they have any health concerns. The hotline for Eastern Idaho Public Health is 208-522-0310 for all Covid- 19 questions.

If anyone ever tests positive for Covid-19, the EIPH will assist them as they navigate how to make good medical decisions. An idea to assist quarantining efforts may include food delivery instead of going out. Groceries are delivered for only $7 from Broulims--the closest grocery store and apps like grubhub delivery are available from local restaurants. Concerned family members may want to order online and have food delivered to the tenant’s apartment door. Since the tenant and their roommates essentially become a family unit as they share living space and all are potentially exposed, the roommates can make decisions together on how best to encourage distance and good hygiene practices to help avoid further spread.

Knowing there are inherent risks to you at this time, we appreciate you being here in Rexburg and hope we may continue to provide a great home for our tenants in spite of the pandemic-- so they can get on with their education.